Miura Hinansho

Hingan Residency of Eorzea

Mateus, Shirogane, Ward 13 Plot 15 (Mist ICly)

Overview: The Miura clan is known for their wealth and generosity in the Far East. The young doctor Saku (Miura) Kaneyama is the heiress of the Miura's wealth. She has recently opened a new ryokan/venue for Eorzeans. This prestigious and tall-standing facility is trimmed with lovely bright teal accents and sits upon an ocean viewing hill within the Mist (ICly). Where all who are even MALMS away, cannot miss it. Despite being very traditional in their Hingan ways, they welcome ALL types of individuals! Come in and ask our staff for more information about residency!

About The Hinansho...

Our Lobby, where guests and residence alike can rp. Read a book, enjoy a snack or get some work done! ^^

The Upstairs Common Area, where residents go to enjoy leisure and recreation! Also the location of Saku's office, and a public bath house.

The Dining area. Where the finest most authentic far eastern cuisine is served. Speak to Ozbeg Kha, the culinarian (Xaela man in purple kimono) regarding the menu, all food is ICly complimentary. This is also where we have a stage present for multipurpose reasons (people who wish to use the venue for events).

Note that even Guests must follow the house rules
(see OOC info tab)

The Infirmary [Room 1]. Where doctors living under the roof may perform medical practices and check ups are given. Please put in an appointment request in the message book. Saku Kaneyama has a mastery in Apothecary, well known for her herbal medicines.

Complimentary healthcare is for residents Only. For the general public, this is a walk-in clinic, with fees respective to services Due to limited beds, boarding is dependent on seriousness and illness/injury of patients. Boarding is 100,000 gil a night. ((IC gil only))

The guest room [room 2] is where we temporarily house guests who are not a resident. on rare occasions, we tend to those who need help getting back on their feet. Filthy guests will be asked to utilize the upstairs public washroom before entering the guest chambers.

Out of Character Information


We are very open-minded here and OOCly/ICly accept all people based on their character not background.

1. No racism/sexism

2. No homophobia

3. No criticizing someone for their sexual lifestyle or what they decide to disclose. We are all entitled to make our own decisions.

4. You must be 18+ OOcly

5. ERP is fine in your personal living area of the Hinansho. All members will be privately warned by me if seen/reported, after a warning it will result in consequences. I am not running a distasteful facility.

6. NSFW mods are okay, I do not care. We are an 18+ FC!

7. No Elitism (bullying lower level/ less skilled players)

8. Only one character and one alt allowed here.

9. Any concerns with a member, please PM me.

10. DO NOT actually eat the OOC food that is placed. It is decoration.

11. Have fun and be nice, enjoy your new home! ♥♥♥♥

We are only a FAIRLY structured Free Company. The Hinansho is a small group of friends who occasionally do casual roleplays when we are not busy with other responsibilities. Activeness: While daily activeness in-game is not required, we want majority of our members to try/be willing to log in and participate at least once or twice a week, in a two week timeframe. I do not demand daily attendance and only do structured events on a weekly/biweekly basis, so this should not be an issue.

Addendum for Activeness: I will not enforce company discharges unless a member has been of obvious and prolonged absence (45+ days), and does not let me know personally. If a prolonged absence this timeframe or more is inevitable, shoot me or a Hisho a message in Discord and I will put you under 'Hiatus' in the fc, until you return.

I, Saku, am typically online daily as I am in love with FFXIV, and have played for about three years now. I am invested in/have other characters whom I spend time on as well. That said, if you want to roleplay with Saku, please hit me up in discord! I am almost always up for RP, just ask me ahead of time so I can set aside time for you, if I am not logged in. OOCly, I am here to connect with new people, grant buffs, and allow residential stay for members without purchasing an apartment, which are more expensive in the game.

I am a 'pat on the back' leader but also a 'no bs' leader. This is a very small community for a reason, to limit toxicity. I will keep it drama-free at all costs. If I am told you are problematic by multiple members, you may get discharged without warning, so be nice please..

With this fc having a far eastern theme, note that I accept all forms of characters, but please be mindful and respectful of the theme present. With that stated, a form is at the bottom of this page to apply here for residency! We look forward to having you here!

Family and Staff

Below are the clan members who frequent the estate, and staff who work within the facility. ((staff are all NPCs))

Saku (Miura) Kaneyama

Estate Owner/Lead Doctor
Age: 20
Personality: Friendly and Leading

Hiina Miura

Okaasan of Saku
Age: 45
Personality: Polite and Wise
((Trained with a culverin))

Tebengri Miura

Otosan of Saku
Age: 56
Personality: Leading, Proud, Adament

Takahashi Kaneyama

Otto of Saku
Age: 33
Personality: Polite

Hinansho Staff

Kuki Yoshida

Door Woman/Greeter
Age: 28
Personality: Friendly
((Trained Onna-Musha so, do not underestimate))

Sue Malagud & Argat Ejinn

Hospital Reception/Nurses
Age(s): 33 and 35, respectively
Personalities: Polite

Nakatame Kanshi

Front Desk/Doorman
Age: 40
Personality: Gruff
((Extensively trained ronin))

Ahani Hotgo

Housekeeping Maiden
Age: 28
Personality: Quiet, but kind.
((Rough past))

Silun Kharlu

Age: 22
Personality: Polite Extrovert

Ozbeg Kha

Age: 40
Personality: Polite and reserved.

Hinansho Events

Miura Hinansho is very retreat heavy. The clan believes an occasional breath of fresh air, away from the facility is necessary to recharge for the next day or to decompress from the day before. Join us, on these adventures of meditation and finding one's self. Wear comfortable clothing, as we will be doing a lot of walking!

(Combat/Skill Improv is encouraged but roll for it; /random will be required for any person or environment IC combat)

Outdoor Events:

Azim Steppe Hikes: We will be hiking in the Azim Steppe on foot, sightseeing, and getting to know each other and even learning more about 'ourselves.' We will stay in the Miura's Yanxian summer home, right outside of the Steppe and leave at dawn or early evenings. Please be on your best behavior and do not provoke the locals. We are visitors in their home.

Ruby Sea Sundays: Ah yes, who doesn't enjoy a nice swim? We will have a Ruby Sea days on Sunday. Sunbathe, swim (or even just take bikini selfies on your tomestones ;P) The Tithe will be covered by Saku for all, if we get stopped prior to, by enforcements.

Hot Spring Visits (18+)

These will happen in Shirogane at the Natural hot spring. It is custom to be fully exposed so your body can soak in the minerals, although swim wear is optional!

This event appeals to naturalism. This will not be a massive ERP gathering under any circumstances. Your character MUST be 18+.

Indoor Events:

Miura Private/Public dinners: Public dinners are weekly on Thursdays at 6 PM EST, unless stated otherwise/cancelled. Private dinners will not be advertised to the public and will be for members only. Please have a look at our menu below!

Hinansho Menu

Holiday Parties: The clan allows for all types of holiday events to be celebrated within the Residency, as we are welcoming of all. That being said, holiday parties are always opened to the public and will be advertised OOCly in advance!